What does an Event Coordinator do?

            If you were to consult Webster’s dictionary, looking for a definition of “event coordinator,” you’d come up empty. However, if you break it down, you can piece together a brief description that scratches the surface of the capabilities and duties of those in this industry. According to Webster’s Dictionary, an event is “something that happens, occurs, a special occasion, or activity” (1). Meanwhile, a coordinator is defined as “a person who organizes people or groups so that they work together efficiently” (2). While the combination of these terms can provide a general idea of what an event coordinator does, it in no way gives the role full justice.

The duties of an event coordinator are ever-changing which makes it nearly impossible for any source to completely define this job. As event coordinators, the often black and white aspects of our jobs (or what onlookers see as our most prominent roles) we are responsible for creating and sticking to the budget, designing elements, connecting with reputable vendors, and so much more.  In the more abstract and unpredictable parts of our jobs, we need to be ready at any given moment to problem-solve and diffuse emergencies that may arise, so our clients don’t have to worry.

            Beyond the benefits that can be found in the details above, I am still asked, why should I hire an event coordinator? Well, the answer is simple, to be stress-free. There is nothing worse than having this amazing project, idea, or goal dreamed up, but you’re not sure how to execute it. You may not be sure who to contact first, how to run the event, or even how to identify your target audience. Event coordinators help answer these questions and can be with you from conception to execution.

            If there’s an event you’ve been dreaming of, reach out to Twenty-One Event Co. so we can help make the dream your reality.

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